What are the different shapes of fluorescent light globes and their uses?

Spiral, Tube and Globe:

  • considered the most useful styles as they fit in most lighting fixtures

  • ideal for lamps, pendant fixtures, ceiling fixtures, ceiling fans, wall sconces and outdoor covered fixtures, reading lamps and chandelier lights

  • some also available with a glass cover that gives them a similar appearance to incandescent light globes


  • traditional shape of a fluorescent globe mostly used in educational facilities, commercial buildings and factories

Neon tubes:

  • used on signs and shaped into fine curves depending on tube diameter

  • wide variety of colours


  • three different types of covered CFLs -- incandescent A-line,globe and candelabra

  • A-line globe is fairly universal and best for ceiling fans and pendant fixtures

  • candelabra suits wall sconces and covered outdoor fixtures

Indoor Reflector:

  • indoor reflector compact fluorescent lights (R-CFLs) are used for recessed down light fixtures

Outdoor Reflector:

  • motion detection lighting and outdoor track lighting - larger that the indoor type

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