What fluorescent light is right for my mood?

Finding the right colour temperature or warmness/coolness of your light globe is pivotal to setting the right mood. Different coatings on the inside of the bulb (within the glass cylinder) change the colour temperature. The main colour temperatures used in the lighting market are:

  • warm white = under 3300 k

  • cool white =  4000 k

  • daylight= over 5000 k

However there are many variations of these colour temperatures available.

Compact Fluorescent Lighting Colour Temperatures

Globe colour temperature

Kelvin (K)




Candle: Yellow tones


Romantic, calming and flattering to the complexion

Dining, loungeroom, bar

Intimate dinner guests or winding down for the night after a big work day

Soft white: variation of warm white with more red in it


Productive yet relaxed

Lounge, dining

Flicking through your favourite cookbooks

Bug light: yellow/orange light to attract less insects. Use a brighter light nearby to attract the little critters away from you!




Veranda BBQ area or patio

Warm white: red and orange hue- similar to incandescent lighting.


Reading, relaxing

Bedrooms, living areas. Some grocery stores use these in bakery or meat section to make things look better!

Acquaintance dinner guests- wine and cheese night

Cool white: green tones. Most popular.


Bright and energetic

Kitchen, study, halls, closets, garages and tool sheds, sewing rooms, bathroom, around your mirror

Working to a deadline for school or work, locating small objects in storage areas, putting on makeup

Moonlight: various colours that resemble the moon


Psychedelic, eerie with a bit of funk on the side

Outdoors and indoors, anywhere where lighting will be a feature - you can even float hem in your pool!

Cocktail parties and pool parties

Triten - a stronger version of cool white



Reading and home tasks

Getting crafty in your track pants and flannel

Neon: various out-there colours

Attention seeker

Signage for windows and glass doors

Shop front or for your 1989's retro party

Full spectrum


Closest to natural daylight


Spending time in your art studio or sewing room

Daylight: blue tint that mimics light from the blue sky


Cold, fresh and motivated

Office, shops and workshops

It's just great to be alive and active

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