What is the cause of flickering light?

What is the cause of flickering light?

Why does your light bulb flicker, flash and blink? Well to understand this, we first need to understand how a light bulb works.

How does an incandescent light bulb work?

Electricity is a constant flow of negatively charged ions. A light bulb transfers this electrical energy into visible light, and heat. At the base of a light bulb is two contacts, which when connected form a circuit for the electricity. These contacts lead up to a tungsten element, which is surrounded in the bulb by argon, an inert gas. As electricity is introduced into the circuit, when you turn on the switch, electricity flows through the tungsten filament. When the negatively charged ions flow through the filament at incredibly high speeds, they bump into the atoms of the filament. This constant movement and friction at anatomic level creates intense heat. When the tungsten filament is heated up to these extremely high levels it results in visible light.How is such friction in the filament sustainable? Tungsten is a metal with an extremely high melting point, this allows it to be heated for long periods of time without melting. Additionally the presence of Argon in the light bulb has an essential role. Due to argon being an inert gas it will not combust, and is therefore able to provide a sustainable environment for the light. A large percentage of the energy in light bulbs is lost as heat, and is not transferred as light.

Cause of flickering light

When all of the individual elements of a light bulb are working properly it results in constant and even lighting. So what cause a light bulb to flicker, blink and flash?There can be a variety of reasons that may be the cause.

When an unstable, or inconsistent stream of electricity is provided to the light bulb it well provide inconsistent light. This is the root cause of flickering light. This inconsistent stream of electricity can be traced back to one of a few areas.

The socket may be loose, or contain foreign objects that will not provide a constant connection with the contacts of the light bulb. This can cause the electricity to arc across the gap, which will provide an inconsistent flow of electricity and decrease the life of a light bulb. If the light is loosely connected in the socket, simply tightening it in the socket may stop the flickering, although the light bulb may be damaged and may need light globe replacement. Another cause of flickering light can be a faulty light bulb. If the light bulb still flickers when you install it into another socket, then try another light bulb and see if the problem persists. When replacing fluorescent light bulbs, Globe Jockeys always perform responsible fluorescent light disposal.

There can be electrical issues in the line from the socket to the switch and further back. Because of the danger, and legal issues involved in diagnosing and resolving problems with a flickering light problem, it is always advisable to obtain the services of professional electrical contractors. The electricians at Globe Jockeys are professionals and can quickly and simply find the cause of your flickering lights and rectify the problems. They specialise in blinking light globe replacement and will recycle the replaced bulbs.

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