What should I do with spent fluorescent globes?

  • please recycle your fluorescent globes
  • for your convenience Globe Jockeys will take away your old globes for a nominal fee and will recycle globes for you. If you are not a customer but wish to dispose of your old globes responsibly then the following information may assist you:

Local Council and Government Initiatives

Contact your local council to find out about chemical collection day or drop off centres. Planet Ark has a list of the your local areas that offer lighting recycling on their website or you can call their hotline 1300 733 712.

These Government websites may give you further information about recycling near you.

Australian Capital Territory
Department of Territory and Municipal Services
Phone 13 2281

New South Wales
Department of Environment and Climate Change
Phone 131 555

Northern Territory
Natural Resources, Environment, the Arts and Sport
Phone (08) 8999 5511

Environment Protection Agency
Phone 1300 130 372

South Australia
Zero Waste SA
Phone(08) 8204 2051

Department of Environment, Parks, Heritage and the Arts
Phone (03) 6233 6518

Sustainability Victoria
Phone 1300363 744

Western Australia
Zero Waste WA
Phone(08) 6467 5011

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