Whats the difference between fluorescent, incandescent, halogen and HID globes?

Fluorescent globes (also referred to as compact fluorescent lights or CFLs):

  • CFL's turn electricity into light rather than heat

  • small amount of mercury sealed inside the bulb

  • last much longer than traditional incandescent light globes

Incandescent globes:

  • traditional globe turning electricity mainly into heat, with light as a by-product

  • globes are hot to touch

  • the first form of electric lighting in the home

  • highly disposable compared to fluorescent tubes

Halogen lights (also known as low-voltage lights):

  • type of incandescent light, are mainly used for recessed down-lights

  • large portion of energy used is expelled as heat not light,like incandescent globes

  • fitted with transformers to convert the standard household240 volts to 12 volts

  • narrow light beam when compared to the other types of globes so several are required instead of one incandescent or fluorescent light bulb

  • actually use more energy per square metre of light than fluorescent globes

High-intensity discharge (HID):

  • family of lamps producing high light output for their size,including:

  • mercury vapour

  • metal halide

  • low-pressure sodium

  • high-pressure sodium

  • powerful, compact and efficient light source

  • created in the 1960s and used widely as industrial lighting -now used in commercial and residential environments

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