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Retail is all about lighting and getting that colour right is not an option, its a necessity. Studies conducted by the Heschong Mahone Group reveal that lighting conditions have a heavy influence on retail sales, increasing sales by as much as 49% (HMG Report on Retail Lighting Conditions). Lighting doesn't have to be so confusing, however - so leave it up to Globe Jockeys to take the stress out of your lighting, ask them for advice on how your lighting choices can benefit both your sales figures and the environment.

As lighting maintenance specialists, we have systems in place to record globe type and globe colour for each client/site.  These systems enable us to carry the correct equipment to each site.  If there is a mixture of coloured globes on a site (ie Warm White and Cool White) our policy is to replace like for like, or to seek confirmation from the site contact on which colour is preferred before proceeding with replacing your light globes.

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