Flickering Light Globe Replacement

Light GlobeWith the invention of the electric light bulb Thomas Edison made lighting much more convenient and reliable, replacing the kerosene lamp and candle with a much cleaner and safer light source.
Since that time in 1879 the light globe has been transformed into thousands of variants. Just looking around the average home or office you will find the common light globe (soon to be made obsolete), halogen down lights and flood lights, fluorescent tubes and compacts, projector lamps and more recently LED lighting. In the commercial and industrial world, the list is far greater.

Globe Jockeys has made it our business to understand the vast differences in the lighting field. The requirements of commercial, industrial and training institutions differ from each other, having particular needs suited to their sector - ie, in the commercial world an office has different needs to a retail outlet.
Globe Jockeys realise the difficulty of finding someone to fix that single 'blinkin' light.  We therefore offier a service of light globe replacement, repairing and cleaning -  from a single light fitting to a complete building of light fittings.
And if you are wondering about how to dispose of your globes in an environmentally safe way, Globe Jockeys can look after that too.  As part of our environmental policy, Globe Jockeys is proud to say that when we replace light globes, we recycle all globes that we supply.  Fluorescent light disposal is of particular importance due to it's high level of toxicity and impact on the environment.
With over 11 years experience in replacing light globes, fluorescent light disposal and more, Globe Jockeys are the team you can count on for your lighting and electrical maintenance needs. 


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